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A message from JE3 Foundation CEO, Charlie Edinburgh

As a family, nothing brought us back to the moment we lost Dad faster than the frightening scenes that took place during Saturday’s Denmark v Finland Euro 2020 match.

In the days since, the spotlight has grown on JE3’s efforts to scale CPR training, raise awareness of cardiac arrest, and increase access to defibrillators through legislative change here in the UK. While we are immensely grateful for the increased engagement and support, I must first and foremost express, on behalf of everyone at JE3 Foundation, how sincerely relieved we are that Christian Eriksen is in a stable condition and is, based on reports, improving day-by-day. To Christian’s family, please know that you have a support system in us.

Much like those of you consuming the match from around the globe, and those in Parken Stadium in Copenhagen on Saturday, I was hit by a wave of emotions: utter disbelief, empathy for Christian’s family, and sheer dread for an outcome of cardiac arrest that my family is all too familiar with. Noticeably absent in this whirlwind of emotions? Confusion. I was more confident than not that we were witnessing a cardiac arrest.

Just four days prior, we marked the two-year anniversary of Dad’s passing. In those two years, I have learned more about cardiac arrest than in all my years prior, and the measures that each of us can take to save lives in those perilous moments. There is no better case study than the collective action of the Danish squad, match referee, and medics which proved decisive in Christian’s survival.

I join each of you who continues to send well wishes for Christian and monitor his progress. While the issue of cardiac arrest is at the forefront of public consciousness, I hope that you will join me and the JE3 Foundation in taking action to save lives.

Charlie Edinburgh
CEO, Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation

Simple Steps You Can Take Now to Help Save Lives

Support Justin’s Law by signing our petition to enact legislative change mandating the installation of defibrillators in all sports and health facilities in the UK.

2. Join our CPR workshops pre-registration list by subscribing on our website, or visit to book a CPR course today.