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The Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with Crowdfunder UK.

Today, the Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation has announced a new partnership with Crowfunder UK.

Crowdfunder is the #1 crowdfunding platform in the UK, having raised £200m. It connects projects that matter with people who care.

Every minute counts. Cardiac Arrest is sudden and often without warning. Increasing public access to defibrillators rapidly increases the chance of survival. The Justin Edinburgh 3 Foundation is partnering with Crowdfunder to help communities raise the money for defibs, working together to install the life-saving equipment in workspaces, schools, and community spaces.

This new campaign is more than just increasing access to vital equipment around the UK. Crowdfunding shines a spotlight on all sorts of societal issues and this work will drive greater awareness of the foundation’s founding principles. Access to defibs, education around CPR, and legislative change are its primary objectives and this partnership will only support progress in all three.

But this of course goes beyond the world of football, and sports more generally. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere and often without warning so increasing public access to defibrillators in every corner of the country will rapidly increase the chance of survival.

From our perspective, this work encapsulates the power of crowdfunding. It’s a journey that started out as a simple community project and grew into a collaborative campaign, aiming to create a lasting legacy through the platform.

We’ve proved time and again that we can make a real difference by working together and this partnership will be no exception.

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